Humpback Whales (review)

Humpback Whales (review)
Humpback Whales (review)
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Ewan McGregor narrates this lingering look at the massive mammals. It was created by the masters of giant screen productions (MacGillvray Freeman Films), so this is an ideal venue to appreciate these colossal creatures. This film has less focus on the science angles of the story and spends the majority of the time just showing the lithe grandeur of the whales as they navigate the water. A bright, zippy soundtrack keeps it from being too ponderous. There are a few breaks from the repetitive swimming scenes: the most fascinating is the animated explanation of their feeding strategy. While this film is never innovative and surprising, it’s still a wondrous treat to watch the whales.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At the Science Museum of Virginia

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