Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Review)

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Review)
Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Review)
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After Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) win the 74th games, they embark on a Victor’s Tour. After that unpleasant expedition, they get dragged back into the 75th game. The first half of the film sets up the political and personal drama, while the jungle adventure is full of weird environmental challenges (as opposed to personal combat). Lawrence is grim and serious. So is everybody else for that matter. The effects are fine, but the only visual fun comes from Elizabeth Banks’ fabulous fashions. The action is adequate without being especially exciting or remotely inventive. This sequel is a lot more about drama and relationships and much less about action and sci-fi dazzle. Probably more popular with fans of the books, since it serves to set up the coming conflict.


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