In My Chair (review)

In My Chair (review)
In My Chair (review)
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THE PLAY: Eva DeVirgilis explores the motivations behind why women always apologize for their appearance when they sit in her makeup chair.


THE PRODUCTION: DeVirgilis created this show over the course of 6 years, as she travelled around the world connecting with women over their discomfort with their looks. She bursts onto the stage with her “chair partner” and tells her story with dizzying versatility, re-creating a variety of characters, while proudly asserting her feminist message. There are some delightful audience interactions and self-aware examinations that are funny, touching and yes, ultimately, empowering. Director Lisa Rothe has loaded the staging with supporting business, but also allows moments of contemplation. The tight tech and deceptively simple design successfully supports the show with projections and sheer curtains (Tennessee Dixon), effective lighting (Andrew Bonniwell) and appropriate music and SFX (Robbie Kinter). Running time: 1:30


THE POINT: This is basically a theatrically-embellished TED Talk that explores women’s empowerment through a tour de force performance by DeVirgilis.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Co-produced by Virginia Rep and Cadence Theatre Company at the Theatre Gym thru 3/31


Click here to watch the SIFTER video about this show from 2013.


Eva DeVirgilis. Photo by Jason Collins Photography.

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  1. Wow, I call that a rave! I have seen her perform before and she is an impressive actor. On the list – thanks!

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