Jersey Boys (Review)

Jersey Boys (Review)
Jersey Boys (Review)
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THE PLAY: Anyone of a certain age will be familiar with the pop hits of The Four Seasons. The members of the group take us on a musical trip: their early life as small-time hoods, their constant personal conflicts, the rise to stardom and  the inevitable troubles that split them up.


THE PRODUCTION: The crucial factor in a show like this is the music and these guys have great voices. They’re all charming performers and know how to sell a hit. The arrangements are slick and the sound is solid without blowing me away (I was able to hear most of the dialogue, but the musical numbers lacked heft). Even with its fast pace, it sill runs a bit long in both acts. The slick staging has plenty of moving parts that make it fun to watch: a big utilitarian set, video projections, constantly changing lighting and a new look every few minutes.


THE POINT: If you’re a fan of The Four Seasons you’ll have a great time. Otherwise, it’s still a slick, entertaining evening.


Runs thru 1/19 at the Landmark


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  1. The Landmark obviously needs to work on its sound system. “War Horse” was almost completely unintelligble for our group and any friends that were there the same night. Didn’t hear if they improved it any after opening, but, thank goodness, the puppets were so extraordinary, or our evening would have been a total disaster!

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