John (review)

John (review)
John (review)
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THE PLAY: A young couple stays at a quaint Gettysburg B&B, where their relationship is challenged. The slightly eccentric host and her blind friend add to the peculiar tone.


THE PRODUCTION: While I watched the show unfold, I kept thinking, “where is this going” and as the pace dragged on, “when will it happen?” The answer is: don’t expect a plot to propel it forward. It’s an examination of people thru quirky details, small moments and mostly-quiet encounters. Red herrings turn out to just be curiosities. The actors are convincingly genuine and their interactions are effective (Jean H. Miller is amusingly commanding in her RVA premiere). Director Rusty Wilson isn’t afraid to let the small moments play out at an unforced pace. That’s OK for starters, but it becomes less compelling as the 3 acts progress, especially when it never culminates in a traditional climax. The set by Rich Mason and Lara Koplin is warmly magnificent, yet cozy, while Andrew Bonniwell’s lights are subtly effective. Even though the constant background radio was surely in the script, it sometimes made it a challenge to hear the dialogue (and didn’t add any plot points). (Running time: 2:43)


THE POINT: While this production is well-mounted, the untraditional script didn’t work for me. The experience was ultimately unfulfilling


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


A Cadence Production in partnership with Virginia Rep at the Theatre Gym thru 11/12





Anne Michelle Forbes, Matt Bloch, Kelly Kennedy (Photos by Jason Collins Photography)

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