Joker (review)

Joker (review)
Joker (review)
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Joaquin Phoenix is the latest prominent actor to put their twisted spin on the Batman villain.This version takes a look into the genesis of the notorious psychopath. He works as a clown by day, while aspiring to be a stand-up comic. Many blows (both physical and mental) conspire to create the twisted soul that evolves. Phoenix goes all out, creating a creepy character without much empathy. More important, this film is a profile of a disturbed mind, not the typical DC Comic adventure. There’s no “action” and a few flashes of violence, but MANY more moments of the actor working hard for his Oscar. Unfortunately, the movie’s script and overall vibe downgrade it from being brilliant or even mildly compelling to mostly insufferable.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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  1. Thanks for saving me two hours of my life. I am already alienated and angry enough.

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