The Joshua Plant (Review)

The Joshua Plant (Review)
The Joshua Plant (Review)
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THE PLAY: Joshua is a teenager with autism who lives in two worlds. In the play, he can communicate with a house plant, but in reality he’s unable to express himself. His mother and two of her friends struggle with his frustrating and increasingly dangerous disability.


THE PRODUCTION: This original play by Amy Berlin and P. Ann Bucci presents some of the issues of autism in an effective, but somewhat simplistic and shallow dramatization. The cast adequately handles the demands without mining much depth in their performances (which may partially be the play’s fault). Director Laurie Follmer has kept the play moving with a brisk pace and effective staging (with the exception of two climatic fight blows that were obvious misses). The set works as a realistic room in a condo apartment. The ending takes an artistic approach, but is ultimately ungratifying.


THE POINT: This premiere is a message play given an adequate, if somewhat shallow production.


Plays thru 2/8 at CAT Theatre


Watch my interview with the young actor who plays Joshua.

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