Jukebox, Paint Pot & Mud Pie (video 3:00)

Jukebox, Paint Pot & Mud Pie (video 3:00)
Jukebox, Paint Pot & Mud Pie (video 3:00)
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My friendship with Jack Glover started at RPI (1967), when my work/study job was in the AV Dept, which he ran (and where I used my first video camera). Since those days, Jack was a visiting artist in numerous Richmond Public Schools. He’s best known for the TV shows he created/wrote/hosted: “Jack and the Jukebox” (7 years on WWBT), “Paint Pot Alley” (originated on WCVE and ran in numerous markets for 7 years) and “Mud Pie Show” (aired locally on cable). During all that time, he never stopped writing songs and created charming woodprints and paintings. Here’s what he’s up to now.


Jack’s latest work will be in a One/Off Printmakers show at Rivermont Studio in Lynchburg (9/6-10/13).


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  1. Love, love, love your woodcuts!

  2. Still original and soooooo creative ! Glad to know you Jack ! And thanks for enriching so many lives, children and adults !

  3. Jack,

    You haven’t lost a thing. Still brilliant as ever.


  4. I am happy to see that you are still having fun and creating art.

  5. So nice meeting you and printing with you this summer! Love your video! -You are a gem!

  6. Jack, you are such a treasure! We miss you!

  7. Hey, Jack is not only the most Postmodern Renaissance Dadaist, but he’s my buddy! Now it’s time to do a video on his wife, Susan Hankla. And then, one on both of them together, because they make about the best team of artists/writers/musicians I could imagine. The only problem with this video is that it is too short!

  8. Great to see Jack creating more music and art. I worked with Jack on the Mud Pie Show videos and he is the most talented, two-fingered pianist I ever heard. Working with Jack was more fun than any video project I ever worked on. No offense to working with Jerry.

  9. When I was eight or nine, I was in Jack’s Dogwood Dell production of “The Old Shuffle Grand” with my mom. It was a musical about a group of animals heading to Broadway; I was a turtle, and my mom was Madame Butterfly. How awesome was it? I still remember EVERY SINGLE SONG that Jack wrote (and we sang). His wife, Susan, is a pretty amazing creative writing teacher, BTW. Thanks for the great video, Jerry.

  10. As the only grandson of three Hankla cousins, I feel like I should respond to both, my favorite people. First of all, the artwork of Jack and Susan grace our home. My two adult sons grew up with Jack’s kiddie shows on TV. During my breaks performing for the annual Easter Parade on Monument Avenue, I would run up a few blocks to check them both out playing with the “Toadsuckers”!
    Susan’s mom and my only living aunt of my late mother’s generation is all I have left. Susan and I both have bonds in Roanoke and Southwest Virginia. Like my wife and me (classical musicians), the Glovers have made an impact on many lives in different artistic fields. In fact, Susan will have a major roll coming up of my son’s wedding in October! I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! Your 1st cousin, Bobby

  11. Is there any way we can get Paint Pot Alley on DVD?

  12. My mom would very proud of you if she was still alive. Dan Hecko

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