Keanu (review)

Keanu (review)
Keanu (review)
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Let me preface this pan by stating that I’m a big fan of Key & Peele. I’ve enjoyed every episode of their Comedy Central series. In this big screen effort, they play 2 regular guys who infiltrate the gangsta world to retrieve a pet kitten. Yes, it sounds like there’s potential for silly business, but what’s results is just dumb. Their alternate characters are trite variations of street thugs they’ve played before and the conceit gets old pretty quickly. Even with this absurd concept, the humor is seldom wacky (and Will Forte’s drug dealer is especially embarrassing). Worst of all, the whole effort tries too hard and is rarely funny. This is basically one of their TV sketches dragged out 90 minutes longer than the concept holds up. A sad disappointment.


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


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  1. Ohhh, that’s too bad. I love them!

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