Last Christmas (review)

Last Christmas (review)
Last Christmas (review)
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Emilia Clarke enchants with her bright smile, as a woman who’s sweetly struggling with her life. She works in a Christmas store, auditions for parts and goes from friend to family for a place to sleep. One day she meets an appealing man (Henry Golding) who helps her find herself. What seems like a sweet, but not especially special romantic comedy does manage to turn things around before it’s over. Screenwriter Emma Thompson has fashioned a mildly cute comedy, but none of the characters are especially memorable (except her own role as the Hungarian mother). Director Paul Feig has kept it seasonably bright, but doesn’t add much comic charm. While not without appeal (and a soundtrack featuring the songs of George Michael), this might warm hearts seeking a holiday trifle.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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