The Last Five Years (review)

The Last Five Years (review)
The Last Five Years (review)
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THE PLAY: A five-year relationship is examined thru song. The man’s timeline goes from the giddy beginning to the dismal breakup, while her story travels in the opposite direction. They meet in the middle for one wedding duet.


THE PRODUCTION: With a two-person show it’s vital that both members carry their weight. Luckily, that’s the case with this duo. Alexander Sapp’s charming personality captivates in both the funny and touching moments. Christie Jackson’s role has less versatility or character depth, but she performs beautifully. Both of them are effortless vocalists, and once they got the sound mix right, they sounded superb. Their one duet is the poignant highlight, which is unfortunate, since the ending should maximize those emotions. Director Chelsea Burke has placed the audience on both sides of the set. She effectively used every aspect of the stage and successfully guided her actors thru their emotional journey. Matt Shofner has designed an attractive wooden-planked runway with a string pattern in the background. Michael Jarett’s lights are expressive and beautiful, but there’s a technical glitch that makes them stutter as they fade up and down (which they do a lot). It’s distracting, especially because the ceiling is so low. John-Stuart Fauquet’s six-piece ensemble sounds like one perfectly-tuned instrument. Running time: 1:30 (no intermission)


THE POINT: This duo’s breadth of emotions (not to mention their flawless vocal range) brings this romantic examination to glorious life.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A co-production of TheatreLab and Yes, And Entertainment at The Basement thru 10/14



Alexander Sapp (Photos by Tom Topinka)

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