Last of the Red Hot Lovers (review)

Last of the Red Hot Lovers (review)
Last of the Red Hot Lovers (review)
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THE PLAY: This Neil Simon comedy is set during the late 60s/early 70s, when a married middle-aged man tries to join the sexual revolution by seducing 3 women.


THE PRODUCTION: Even though Scott Wichmann plays the pivotal character (and his timing is flawless), he serves best in befuddled reaction to the female trio. With her sultry, sarcastic manner, Eva DeVirgillis amusingly channels Mae West with perfect off-hand delivery. Maggie Roop is the show’s standout, garnering non-stop laffs with her delightfully deadpan ditz. Debra Wagoner’s timid, terrified housewife starts out the 3rd act with hilarious hesitance, but serves the play’s poignant message quite sweetly. Director Steve Perigard has mined the most out of his excellent cast’s every comic moment. The lovely period pastel set by Terrie Powers, fun costumes by Marcia Miller Hailey and B. J. Wilkinson’s lighting combine to create attractive visual support.


THE POINT: The considerable comic talents of this talented quartet create a mirthful and entertaining evening.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


A Virginia Rep production at Hanover Tavern thru 8/30



Maggie Roop and Scott Wichmann. Photo by Jay Paul.

Maggie Roop and Scott Wichmann. Photo by Jay Paul.


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