Let Him Go (review)

Let Him Go (review)
Let Him Go (review)
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Kevin Costner and Diane Lane team up again as a married couple (they played Superman’s parents). This time they’re Montana ranchers, who set out to rescue their young grandson when his mother disappears with her new husband. This starts as a quiet tragedy about grief and loss, but SLOWLY turns into a somewhat frightening thriller, as they discover the truth about their new relatives. Actually, the final few minutes ramp up the friction to “screaming at the screen” levels. The actors are all solid with Lesley Manville creating an especially fearsome smiling matriarch. Director Thomas Bezucha has given the parents plenty of time for interaction, sometimes frustratingly so, but there’s a thread of the couple’s undying love that runs under the underlying sense of malevolence that continually pervades the drama.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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