Let’s dance!

Let’s dance!
Let’s dance!
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Tuesday’s are for dancing. Really!


One of the area’s longest running dance parties breaks out every Tuesday at northside’s Brookside Grill. The party started in 2009 at the now closed Shenanigans with Julius Pittman and the Revival. In 2011, Mo DeBree took over for what they dubbed  the ”Tuuuesday Night Dance Party”. They moved to McCooks’ Grill in 2012 until it closed at the end of 2013. Not missing a beat, the party moved to Brookside Club Level that December and is going stronger than ever.


“We’ve probably closed more bars in town than any other band!” jokes lead singer Kelli Moss. It’s that humor, along with a passion for the blues and soul, which keeps the “Mo DeBree Dancers” coming back week after week. According to Brooksides’s Gary Criswell (self-avowed vice-president of fun) the band’s standing-room-only first gig confirmed what he and owner Roger Baugher (former head chef at Skiligalee) had hoped for their restaurant – a place where people come to enjoy good food and great entertainment.  “Mo DeBree was our lucky charm.”



Dancing the nite away


Kelli and husband Kevin Moss debuted Mo DeBree in 1999, at the long closed Medley’s in Shockoe Bottom. From the beginning Kelli’s strong vocals have been the heart of the band. “If I’m the heart then Kevin is the soul,” laughs Kelli. Much more than a vocalist, Kelli’s a good times cheerleader often dancing with the fans and bringing authenticity to every set of what she calls rhythm and blues rockin’ soul. They cover James Brown, Etta James, the Rolling Stones, Prince and lately have thrown in “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles – quite the timely addition.


Today’s line up of seasoned musicians includes drummer Johnny Morris, Kevin on bass, John Holmes on keyboards and guitarist extraordinaire Velpo Robertsonm who brings a lot to the stage with his tasteful, often understated playing. Kelli credits this line up with raising their shows to a higher level. Everyone sings and Kevin’s version of Brown’s “Think” always fills the dance floor.


Mo DeBree plays virtually every week at a number of dance-friendly venues including the Fan’s Selba, Mechanicsville’s Club Midway and Enzo’s in the west end, where the band will be celebrating their 15th anniversary Feb. 22nd. That will be a party not to be missed!


Kelli and Kevin Moss

Kelli & Kevin Moss




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