The Lion in Winter (review)

The Lion in Winter (review)
The Lion in Winter (review)
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THE PLAY: During the holiday season, King Henry II announces he’s going to name his heir. His 3 sons viciously vie for the throne, while his estranged queen, his mistress and the French king add to this clever Rubik’s cube of schemes, alliances and betrayals.


THE PRODUCTION: Cast 2 of Richmond’s great actors as the sparring couple (David Bridgewater and Melissa Johnston Price) and the show if off to a wonderful start. Surround them with an equally accomplished supporting cast and the result is a superbly-tuned combination of humor and skill. Bridgewater delightfully dominates the stage with his vocal power and twinkling mischievousness. Johnston Price easily equals his authority, while adding her own touch of diabolical charm. Director Jon Kretzu has tuned the cast to a perfect pitch and staged the show with a simple dignity that showcases James Goldman’s witty dialogue. The attractive productions elements provide an effective background. This excellent production marks a welcome and fitting return to the VMFA’s theatre. Let’s hope it’s not the last. (On a related note, the building must be vacated by 11pm, so curtain time and intermission are tight.)


THE POINT: The superb cast shines and the production delights in this witty royal entanglement.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A Henley Street & Richmond Shakespeare production at the VMFA Leslie Cheek Theater thru 2/28



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  1. Delighted with this review. It’s certainly a seasoned and talented cast. I can’t wait to be back in town to experience this production.

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