Little Fires Everywhere (review)

Little Fires Everywhere (review)
Little Fires Everywhere (review)
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This Hulu series is based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller and the extended format (8 one-hour episodes) takes the time to allow the full breadth of storytelling. Reese Witherspoon departs only slightly from her neurotic, controlling mom in HBO’s Big Little Lies. She has the almost “perfect” family, but there are the inevitable cracks. Meanwhile, a mysterious artist (Kerry Washington) moves to town with her daughter and all their belongings in a beat-up Chevette. Many issues arise when the families interact with an especially persuasive examination of racism and class in its subtle forms. There are lots of dramatic encounters and scandalous revelations that sometimes make it feel like an upscale soap opera. Washington is a standout, but the most effective aspect of this series is the potent performances by every member of the cast, including the teens. This show is sometimes slightly sensational with juicy surprises, but overall, it’s somewhat provocative, well-crafted and highly entertaining. 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)  Hulu link


NOTES: Xfinity is offering a free week of Hulu with limited shows thru Sunday.

I’ll review Witherspoon’s other streaming project THE MORNING SHOW soon.


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