Love and Monsters (review)

Love and Monsters (review)
Love and Monsters (review)
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In this movie’s post-apocalyptic world, small woodland creatures are now gigantic and lethal. Most humans exist in bunkers. Dylan O’Brien plays one guy who decides to venture onto the surface so he can reconnect with his past girlfriend. This leads him on an adventure where he encounters several big creatures and learns his own strengths. There’s a light-hearted approach to the narrative that doesn’t approach funny, but keeps the attitude crisp. O’Brien does a nice job of playing humorously inept, which is good since he’s on camera the entire movie. The monsters are fun, but other than their design, there’s little original. This latest take on the genre is pleasant enough to watch, but offers little new and certainly nothing frightening.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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