I Love You, Stupid (review)

I Love You, Stupid (review)
I Love You, Stupid (review)
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After the lead character gets dumped by his girlfriend and loses his job, he sets out to reinvent himself with the bad advice of his best friend and the unfunny suggestions from an online guru. This story has been told dozens of times before with better results. There’s a profusion of tired tropes like:

– the hero addressing the camera

– the string of disastrous dates

– the long-lost girl from high school, who’s now hot

– the inevitable montages (trying on clothes, breaking up and I’m pretty sure they ate ice cream at some point)

– the “Say Anything” music moment

To top it off, the dialogue is humdrum and the characters aren’t especially appealing. Everyone is acceptable and the pacing is crisp, but there’s nothing to make this movie memorable.  (Spanish with subtitles) 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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