Love, Victor (review)

Love, Victor (review)
Love, Victor (review)
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This may be the first G-rated gay series (Hulu). It’s the follow-up to the feature film Love, Simon, which was hailed as the first mainstream teen gay romance (my review). That movie was relatively bland in its cast and dialogue, while this series is even more so. However, the producers must have read my review, because this cast is also much more diverse. Kevin (Michael Cimino) and his Hispanix family move to Georgia, where he ends up attending the same high school that Simon did in the movie. This allows a narrative device where he messages Simon for voiceover advice on his own coming out. The show focuses much of the series on the relationship with his girlfriend, while having him secretly lust after his sexy job mate. All of the leads are bland and uninteresting, but there are some enjoyable supporting characters. This very gentle handling of the coming out story only really develops any thrills in the final 2 episodes (and leaves it obviously open for a 2nd season). Before that, there’s a lot of typical high school drama in a relatively lackluster package.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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