Lucky Day (review)

Lucky Day (review)
Lucky Day (review)
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As the trailer proclaims, Roger Avary is best known for writing the “story” of Pulp Fiction. This time he’s writer/director and the Tarantino influence is glaringly obvious. The film starts when a safe cracker (Luke Bracey) gets out of jail and comes home to his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, a deranged assassin (Crispin Glover at his most extreme) leaves a path of quick kills seeking revenge. The dialogue never gets remotely close to Tarantino’s linguistic style, although some of the violent moments do have a gruesome comic element.  Almost every scene goes on longer than needed with no reason (certainly not the writing). While there’s a cruel energy to the action, much of the plot and character situations are predictable.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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