Luna Gale (review)

Luna Gale (review)
Luna Gale (review)
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THE PLAY: When the baby of a young strung-out couple gets sick, it creates a conflict between their competency and the child’s grandmother, who assumes the infant’s caretaking. When their case worker gets personally involved, matters become more complex.


THE PRODUCTION: This difficult subject is handled with a businesslike approach. The cast is solid, except for Gina McKenzie, who creates a stern, efficient social worker, but falls short on bringing expressive depth to the character. The actors who play the young couple (Rachel Hindman and Will Hart) are compelling in their dilemma. His touching final scenes provide the only moving moments in the production. Director Daniel Moore has made the most out of the continual confrontations, but could have molded more emotional dynamics into the drama. Jeff Clevenger’s sets are serviceable and efficient. (Running time: 2:10)


THE POINT: The play presents interesting conflicts and the cast is mostly capable, but the emotional opportunities aren’t fully realized.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


A 5th Wall production at RVA Event Space thru 2/4

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