And Baby Makes Seven (Review)

And Baby Makes Seven (Review)
And Baby Makes Seven (Review)
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THE PLAY: A lesbian couple is having a baby. They share their apartment and the parenting duties with the gay man who provided the sperm. They have 3 imaginary kids who add playful variety to their lives, but are also the source of growing concern, considering there’s a real child on the way.


THE PRODUCTION: I don’t usually review the script (and playwright Paula Vogel has written some solid plays), but this one is just weird and clunky. It’s light on character and slight on dramatic focus. The two women (Maggie Bavolack & Lanaya Van Driesen) bravely enjoy their silly over-the-top imaginary creations, while Stevie Rice earnestly plays the “straight” man to their craziness. Director Keith Fitzgerald has managed to keep the pace up, but hasn’t been able to add much depth. The dialogue in the shadow scenes is sometimes hard to understand. The set is basic, but the projections lack any cohesion that might have given the staging some sort of design unity.


THE POINT: The cast is doing their best to make this play work, but the script makes it an unfulfilling attempt.


Produced by Stage B at Firehouse thru 3/4

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