McFarland USA (review)

McFarland USA (review)
McFarland USA (review)
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There have been many movies about a misfit team of underdogs and this one is so firmly fixed in the formula that almost every plot point is predictable. Kevin Costner plays a coach, who’s made so many mistakes that the only job he can find is in the titular town that’s dominated by Mexican farm workers. When he discovers how tough and fast the students are, he forms a cross country track team. Usually, each team member has a personality, but this one only revolves around 2. It’s also missing any humor, which would have added warmth. The only thing that sets this one apart is the focus on the Latino culture. Even though it is earnest (and based on a true story), it hits all of the clichés (it is Disney, after all).


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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