Million Dollar Quartet (review)

Million Dollar Quartet (review)
Million Dollar Quartet (review)
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THE PLAY: In 1956, seminal record producer Sam Phillips hosted Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash for a one time jam session. This juke box musical peppers the classic rock ‘n’ roll hits with bits of dialogue that fill in the facts about the 4 greats and their relationship with Phillips.


THE PRODUCTION: Not only do all 4 sing, they play their own instruments. Gabe Bowling (Perkins) is the charismatic musician of the group: he’s got the struttin’ style and hot guitar licks to prove it. James Scheider (Lewis) is the show’s most enjoyable personality and provides plenty of sassy energy. The moment Scott Moreau starts his first solo, the audience is in the thrall of Cash’s rich baritone. Only Jacob Rowley (Elvis) is a misstep: he feels more like a drunk parody of the real thing. The spoken moments are sometimes amusing and sometimes hard to understand (esp. Bryan Langlitz’s Phillips), but the music is tight and fun, especially the rousing finale. Ironically, two of the show’s most moving moments are simple, beautiful gospel numbers. The set works just fine and the colorful lighting never stops flashing.


THE POINT: A rousing rock ‘n’ roll re-creation.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Presented by Broadway in Richmond at the Altria Theater thru 1/17

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