The Miracle Worker (Review)

The Miracle Worker (Review)
The Miracle Worker (Review)
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THE PLAY: Helen Keller is essentially a wild and uncontrolled girl until a serious young teacher comes into the Keller household. Annie Sullivan’s unorthodox methods of discipline disrupt the family, but ultimately lead to the breakthru that allows the young girl to communicate with the world.


THE PRODUCTION: Under Tom Width’s direction, this drama is in good hands. The adult cast effectively provides the springboard for Audra Honaker’s creation of Sullivan to drive the action. Honaker is one of Richmond’s most versatile talents. She always turns in a strong performance and this pivotal role is no exception. The night I saw the show, Isabella Cipollina was playing Keller. Although she exhibited strong technical ability, glimpses of her awareness of the surroundings kept her from being 100% convincing. The first act is strong and effectively-paced. The second act slowed the dramatic momentum that builds to the climatic water scene, which happened too quickly and without the expected emotional payoff. Width’s set is reliable and Joe Doran’s lighting attractively boosts the production’s mood and power.


THE POINT: This popular biographical drama is given an effective, solid production.


At Swift Creek Mill thru 2/15

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