Molly meets Richmond

Molly meets Richmond
Molly meets Richmond
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Red Star Crush is a new local band with some deep southern rock roots. Drummer Bruce Crump (shown in the thumbnail) was the original drummer for Molly Hatchet, who played large stadium shows in the 70’s and the 80’s. When most of the original members reformed as Gator Country in 2005, they needed a second guitar. Bruce called his friend Linni Disse to fill the spot. Gator Country did some limited, large venue tours for a couple of years.


Bruce beat a bout with throat cancer and today gives private drum lessons and is active in his church’s praise band. In fact, Bruce recruited vocalist Lori Sclater for Red Star Crush from the praise band. This is Lori’s first gig fronting a rock band, but she’s growing into the part, “I’ve sung before people before – church crowds, just not crowds in the bar scene. Singing from the heart – it’s still the same.” I’ve seen the band three times and with every show her confidence and rapport with the crowds improves. She really shines on female vocal songs such as the Go Go’s “We Got the Beat”, (video recently recorded at Sharky’s).

Lori Sclater Lead Vocals

Lori Sclater



Linni Disse

The rest of the band has been around on a more local level and they’ve all played together in various combinations: Jeff Doyle (second guitar), Chree Patch (keyboards), Chris Newcomb (bass). It is an interesting mix of musical experience that translates into a fresh, fun show. You might think playing small, local gigs would pale compared to the big shows. Bruce disagrees, “Playing to 40 or 50 thousand…you’re really only playing to the closest two or three thousand. Now it’s more personal. That’s the best part.”


Their sets include covers of Prince, Billy Idol, Black Crows, Eurythmics, Pretenders, Lynyrd Skynard, but curiously no Molly Hatchet. “We might get into that down the road. We made a conscious decision in the beginning to try and establish this band on its own merits,” explained Linni. They also do a not-often heard McCartney number, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, which, as bassist Chris points out, really pushes the band to perform, “You’ve got to really hit it because everybody knows the song.” Without a doubt, Red Star Crush has been hitting it.


They’re booked pretty regularly around town and you can sample some song clips on Reverbnation. I suggest starting with “Paris”


Jeff, Chree and Chris

Jeff Doyle, Chree Patach, Chris Newcomb












Photos by Marc and Kathy Busch, RVA Photography


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