All the Money in the World (review)

All the Money in the World (review)
All the Money in the World (review)
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Of course, the big story here isn’t the plot: Teenage grandson of John Paul Getty is kidnapped, while his mother (Michelle Williams) strives to save him. The real story is the re-casting of the patriarch role from Kevin Spacey to Christopher Plummer. He creates a billionaire that’s so mean and stingy, there’s no option for sympathy. Even Williams’ performance, while convincing, never generates any real emotion. Meanwhile, a bland Mark Wahlberg is thrown in the mix as the security advisor to help find the kid. While the story is compelling and Ridley Scott’s direction is stimulating, the whole thing is more an interesting history lesson than a moving emotional thriller or a forceful examination of wealth.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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