Moth (review)

Moth (review)
Moth (review)
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THE PLAY: Two unpopular high schoolers interact around themes including popularity and bullying.


THE PRODUCTION: From the smashing opening scene, the show starts to powerful effect, thanks to Josh Chenard’s dazzling staging and Michael Jarett’s fantastically varied lighting. It rockets along with intense vitality until the male character’s extended monologue, when things begin to get heavy and the pacing decelerates. Kelsey Cordrey and John Mincks work well together. They jump in and out of multiple supporting characters and often comment on their own actions in the 3rd person. He’s acting his heart out (which isn’t always a good thing), while she has a more subdued opportunity to carry the play’s heft. Although the scenic design by Chris Raintree is relatively simple, it’s highly effective. Then there’s the script, which I found somewhat overwrought, almost a parody of experimental theatre with heavy-handed but obtuse messages. Running time: 1:22


THE POINT: This production is wonderfully inventive, but the script keeps it from being a spectacular experience.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) That’s and average of 5 stars for the production, but only 1 star for the play.


At TheatreLAB thru 4/28


Watch my video interview with the director.


Kelsey Cordrey & John Mincks (Photography by Tom Topinka Photography )

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