Murder Ballad (review)

Murder Ballad (review)
Murder Ballad (review)
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THE PLAY: A love triangle that ends in death.


THE PRODUCTION: The audience is surrounded by this show because the actors move through the nightclub space as they play out the passion. Director Lucien Restivo’s consummate creativity and swirling staging immerses the audience in the conflict. As a result, viewers sitting on the floor experience the close-up visceral impact of powerful emotions and extraordinary voices. The show is entirely sung and the quartet of powerhouse singers elevates the catchy rock score. Rachel Rose Gilmour narrates the show with sassy, sultry style. Chris Hester’s underplayed delivery is a welcome development. Durron Tyre’s emotional and vocal intensity is simply gripping. Katrinah Carol Lewis is at the center of the story and as such, gives one of the most nuanced and powerful performances of her exceptional career. The band under the direction of Kim Fox provides a perfect musical backdrop. Michael Jarrett’s lights dynamically direct focus on the action, while boosting the drama. Joey Luck’s sound mix was flawless for those sitting in line with the speakers, although I was told that it’s less successful for people on the sidelines. Running time: 1:10 (There may be a late starting time due to food service before the show.)


THE POINT: The dynamic staging, intense performances and magnificent vocals turn this “Ballad” into a killer theatrical experience.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A 5th Wall Theatre production at Club Infuzion thru 11/18

Click here to see my video interview with the director.




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