Music in the fan (video :55)

Music in the fan (video :55)
Music in the fan (video :55)
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The name for the new venue The Broadberry (2729 W. Broad St) is a combo of Broad and Mulberry (which is the nearest cross street). With room for 350, it’s Richmond’s only mid-size venue and is a collaboration between Rand Burgess (owner of The Camel), Lucas Fritz (events mgr. for The Camel) and Matt McDonald (Joe’s Inn).


In the 80s, the space was home to The Cellar Door and Much More. More recently it was Nations and NU. They’ve kept the basic décor of NU, while enhancing the sound and lighting system. On show nights, they’ll open at 5pm to serve dinner.


There were 2 Grand Opening events (last Thursday & Saturday) with 3 bands each night. Contributor Bill Rice went to the second grand opening on Sat 4/19 and shot this interview/tour.


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 Bill reviews the Saturday nite show.

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