National Parks Adventure (review)

National Parks Adventure (review)
National Parks Adventure (review)
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Our country has more than 400 national parks and this spectacular giant-screen movie explores more than 30. There’s a hint of a plot that follows a trio of adventurers who climb, hike and bike thru some of the amazing locations. It also features Robert Redford narrating, lots of popular pop music and a couple of cute animal moments. Most of the action takes place in the Western part of the country, where the scenery is most dramatic (don’t look for the Blue Ridge Mountains or any historical parks in Virginia). Even though it’s weighted toward adventurers (instead of the average tourist) the magnificent flights thru these stunning locations is a breathtaking expedition.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


On The Dome at the Science Museum of Virginia

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  1. If Moby was raised in Newport Beach on a diet of Twinkies and Mountain Dew, he would still be more racially diverse than this boring film. Director Greg MacGillivray comes from a long line of white filmmakers — his dad made Endless Summer — and he’s done the lineage proud. In a combined 90 minutes of audio and video, we’ve got ten seconds of Black. It’s barely long enough to say, “Wait, national parks admit non-Caucasians too?” This film demonstrates why nepotism is bad: at some point a non-Jason Mraz fan needs to get involved to add diversity. Until then, the Imax folks should parrot another ultra-white icon to the MacGillivray clan and Just Say No.

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