No Exit (review)

No Exit (review)
No Exit (review)
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THE PLAY: Three characters are confined to a room where they spend eternity in conflict with each other and their own internal devils. It was of philosophical significance in the 40s, when famed existentialist Jean Paul Sartre wrote it.


THE PRODUCTION: The play’s stilted dialogue and enigmatic situations are a challenge for actors, as well as a modern audience. This group mostly manages to make it palatable. It wasn’t clear whether the conflicted coward played by DL Hopkins was uncomfortable as a character or his performance was sometimes hesitant. Bianca Bryan created a sneering, angry lesbian with smoldering intensity and McLean Jesse enjoyably captured her character’s vain, shallow beauty. Director James Ricks sustained the pace and even managed to build one moment of tension. The minimal design was a makeshift adaptation in front of “Boy in the Bathroom” set.


THE POINT: This heavy-handed drama is given a competent staging.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 8/24


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DL Hopkins & Evan Nasteff

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