A Lug Nuts Christmas (Review)

A Lug Nuts Christmas (Review)
A Lug Nuts Christmas (Review)
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THE PLAY: The story serves as a slight structure for 4 men to sing a variety of doo-wop songs from the early 60s, followed by Christmas songs in Act 2. Two women stretch the plot and add vocal variety.


THE PRODUCTION: When a show is all about singing, it’s important to have good voices and this cast is gifted with six solid singers. Their harmonies are flawless. Instead of choreography, they saunter about the stage. Bruce Craig Miller’s script revels in local Hanover references and memories of the holidays in Richmond gone by. Luckily, director Bruce Miller (the same guy) has actors who’ve added their comic gifts to the flimsy characters and inconsequential plot. The night I was there, the mostly 50+ audience enjoyed the memories and the music. Some of the Christmas songs are beautifully arranged and performed. (I never knew that Snow Bear had a fluffy tail.)


THE POINT: Sweet memories of Richmond combined with a lively concert of doo-wop and Christmas songs.


Virginia Rep at Hanover website

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