Oblivion (review)

Oblivion (review)
Oblivion (review)
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It’s yet another post apocalyptic world, this time with Tom Cruise as one of the survivors. His job is to maintain droids that patrol the wasteland, until things happen that set the plot in motion. While the story isn’t especially original and the action sequences are only average, the rest is pretty cool. This world has neat futuristic stuff, dazzling scenery and great design. While it’s 15 minutes too long, it’s a scifi treat for the imagination.


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  1. i wanted soi much to like Ms.Selfridge, but it is really a bore!

  2. I really wanted to like Mr. Selfridge. It is really a BORE!

  3. Great scenery and Sci-fi designs. Compared to other Sci-fi movies Oblivion is rather streamlined much like the Hi-tech designs it incorporates. To me this is a good thing. I for one was pleasantly surprised by the premise of the story as it was revealed in several steps which begins with a certain dramatic revelation made to Jack (Tom Cruise) then you as the viewer along with Jack are wondering, what does it mean, until additional revelations in due course flesh out the mystery.

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