Oh My Ghost 2 (review)

Oh My Ghost 2 (review)
Oh My Ghost 2 (review)
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For something completely different and wildly zany, try a movie in the Oh My Ghost series of comedies from Thailand. A group of unattractive middle-aged drag queens is haunted by spirits, which serves as the base for slapstick comedy and zany situations. Toss in a string of cute boys who add nothing but eye candy and some cheesy special effects to make the madness even more peculiar. Between the zealous overacting and madcap direction it feels like the wacky love child of early John Waters films and Tyler Perry’s Medea movies. Go with the insanity of it all and you’re liable to find yourself eccentrically entertained. (In Thai with subtitles.)

NOTE: There are a total of 4 movies in this series…not to be confused with the Korean TV series called Oh My Ghostess


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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