Olympus on My Mind (Review)

Olympus on My Mind (Review)
Olympus on My Mind (Review)
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THE PLAY: This wacky musical farce is based on the myth of Jupiter and Mercury descending to Earth, where one falls in love. When the mortals they’re impersonating come home, the mistaken-identity fun begins.


THE PRODUCTION: Director K Strong has chocked every minute with comic bits and high-energy pacing, but some of the casting drags down the potential. The earnest but lack of comic instinct by Mary Anne Furey and Arden Moscati pales in the shadow of Scott Wichmann’s delightful mugging. Maggie Roop has the scene-stealing role of the vapid chorine and she’s got the technical aspects down (much to the audience’s delight), but she’s missing the inherent vacancy that makes Delores hilarious. Richard Travis and Sara Sommers do fine in their less comedic roles. The technical aspects serve the show well, with Delores’ costumes adding to the humorous effect. I have to rant a bit about those damn body microphones. In such a small space, they’re distracting and shouldn’t be necessary.


THE POINT: This uneven production has some delightful comic moments, but the overall effect is less than Olympic.


At Hanover Tavern thru 3/16.


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