Out of Blue (review)

Out of Blue (review)
Out of Blue (review)
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It’s fitting that redhead Patricia Clarkson dyes her hair black for this role, the film’s darkness pervades every frame (and every strand). She plays a sullen detective in New Orleans and, like any movie cop, she has substance abuse issues. Her current case is the murder of an astrophysicist (Mamie Gummer), but this is far from a typical procedural. Writer/director Carol Morely has opted for a neo-noir that certainly hits the dark part right, but adds a metaphysical/quantum physics element that just clutters the investigation. Even with all this pretentiousness, the big reveal was telegraphed early, so no big surprise there. Slack pacing, dull writing and an uninteresting case combine to drag this story into a black hole of boredom.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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