Outer Banks (review)

Outer Banks (review)
Outer Banks (review)
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This guilty pleasure is aimed at a young audience, but the OBX theme (and the shirtless guys) pulled me in. Chase Stokes stars as 16 year old, who believes that his long-lost father is alive and holding the secret to buried treasure. He sets out on the hunt with his 3 best friends, a trite collection featuring the brainy one, the tough girl they have a crush on and the volatile hothead with father issues. Meanwhile, there are social conflicts with the entitled rich kids who live on the other side of the peninsula Like many high school TV shows, the cast isn’t remotely adolescent (Stokes is 27). Even so, it’s a typical teen drama with some decent plotting, if you can overlook the countless credibility issues (the 3 final issues are the most tense). I can’t say if it’s better than shows like this one on the CW (I’ve never watched them), but it is less weird the Riverdale and sufficiently entertaining.

Those who are familiar with the North Carolina locale will be surprised to find that this is shot in South Carolina with ficticious location names.  (10 one-hour episodes on Netflix)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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