Patti Issues (Review)

Patti Issues (Review)
Patti Issues (Review)
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THE PLAY: This one man show is hosted by a young gay man who’s obsessed with Patti LaPone. He recounts his discovery of her talents and their subsequent relationship. There’s an attempt to add depth thru his relationship with his own father, who’s also gay.


THE PRODUCTION: When there’s only one person on stage, it’s vital that they can capture your attention and keep you enthralled for the 1:10 minutes. Billy Christopher Maupin creates an energetic, affable character whose easily at home chatting with the audience. Although he did little to capture the childlike qualities of a 4 year old, as he “ages,” his natural charms take over. There are a few minor but effective dramatic moments and a note or two from his lovely singing voice. Director Carol Piersol has kept the staging simple, while providing variety. The show is playing on the set for “High.”


THE POINT: This one man reminiscence is slight on drama or laughs, but affable, enthusiastic and well performed.


Playing at RTP thru 3/11 & HATT Theatre thru 4/5

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