Permanent (review)

Permanent (review)
Permanent (review)
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When a movie tries this hard to be quirky, it can be an over-the-top delight or an awkward disappointment. Unfortunately, this movie falls into the latter category. It’s set in 80s Virginia, where almost everyone is unattractive, poorly dressed and has varying degrees of bad Southern accents. A 13-year-old (Kira McLean) is about to enter a new high school, so she gets her hair curled to help her fit in. As expected, it’s a frizzy mess. Her zany parents (Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson) are occupied with their own problems. Even Oscar-winning Arquette is working too hard here. It doesn’t help that the dialogue by Colette Burson frequently falls flat and her high-energy direction is often awkward. On the bright side, Richmond native Nena Daniels has the only moment of true emotion in the entire film. Since it was shot in the area, look for many locals, including noted actors Jacqueline Jones, Grey Garrett and Brandon McKinney.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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Kudos to local talent Nena Daniels


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