Pittsburgh Track Authority (review)

Pittsburgh Track Authority  (review)
Pittsburgh Track Authority (review)
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Last week I reviewed a CD from a former roommate, so this week I am reviewing a 12″ record from my brother’s vinyl record label, The Harmony Society.


The Pittsburgh Track Authority, a.k.a. PTA, is a trio of house/techno music DJ producers that have put together their experience and expertise to take the club world by storm. This is their 7th release in two years. The A-side instrumental starts off with a muted slow drum beat only to brightly kick in with snappy synths and an invigorating dance beat. It’s a call to action, or at least to the dance floor.


The 8 minute track tails out at the end, but that leads to the B-side, which starts with “Feel Good”‘s steady beat, accompanied by a manipulated piano riff. It builds with a hypnotic horn and vocal samples. The last 30 seconds of “Feel Good” breaks down to just the snare beat.


The third and last track on this release has more of a detached, ethereal techno instrumental flavor, though it does include a nice bongo drum line that somehow contrasts with the coldness and yet very successfully brings together the overall feel.


Some of the almost disco sound on the record is not my thing, but I do appreciate the craft put into it (and I am thankful that my brother and I have some differing tastes). Regardless, if I were a club DJ, PTA would definitely be on the top of my stack.

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