Place Beyond the Pines (review)

Place Beyond the Pines  (review)
Place Beyond the Pines (review)
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This hard-to-remember title is actually the native tribe’s name for Schenectady, which is where the movie takes place…in 3 parts. First, motorcycle stunt rider (Ryan Gosling) decides to stay in the town where he’s fathered a child (with Eva Mendes). His turn to crime segues into part 2, when a good cop (Bradley Cooper) faces corruption on the force. Part 3 takes place 15 years later. Director Derek Cianfrance LOVES Gosling (they did the self-indulgent “Blue Valentine” together). He lingers on his face in extreme closeups, while Gosling broods and emotes. The rest of the cast is also strong, but it’s the complex, compelling script that involves (except the contrived clincher near the end). This is a relentless downer, but a completely absorbing experience.





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