Pompeii (Review)

Pompeii (Review)
Pompeii (Review)
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This is basically a hackneyed gladiator movie with a volcano at the end. Kit Harington plays a slave who fights his way into Pompeii’s big arena, but not before he falls for the daughter of a prominent local merchant. Meanwhile, Kiefer Sutherland makes an embarrassingly out-of-place villainous Roman senator. The writing and plot are as preposterous as they sound, so it’s up to the big blowout to save the day (or ruin it for the citizens). While it’s always fun to watch destruction on a grand scale, this eruption is a yawn. Surprisingly, Paul W.S. Anderson, who has given us the beautifully designed and elegantly violent Resident Evil series, has fallen flat this time. Interesting note: Julian Fellowes (creator of “Downton Abbey”) is credited as one of 4 screenwriters.


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