Prodigal Dad (Review)

Prodigal Dad (Review)
Prodigal Dad (Review)
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THE PLAY: Having mined much of the fun stuff in the first 2 plays, Steven Fales delves deep and darker for this third installment. It’s also more linear and less theatrical, as he details his challenging relationships with his children, his ex and other major members of his family. He bares his soul and offers even more intimate disclosures about his journey.


THE PRODUCTION: Anyone who sees either of the other 2 plays knows that Fales is an accomplished actor: he can switch from comic charm to serious moments with assured skill. This production reveals the depths of his dramatic potential. While spending the majority of the show in a chair, it puts the focus on storytelling (although some episodes could be shorter). This poignant personal material showcases his abilities to create an absorbing and moving theatrical experience. NOTE: Because of the considerable load of mounting all 3 shows, he unapologetically resorted to using the script on opening night. He promises to be off book for the 2nd week and may continue to hone the show.


THE POINT: The development of this trilogy offers Richmond a unique opportunity to see an accomplished actor expand his range, develop a new work and create significant theater.


NOTE: This is 3rd play in the Mormon Boy Trilogy.

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Triangle Players website.



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