Race (Review)

Race (Review)
Race (Review)
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THE PLAY: A rich white man is accused of raping a black woman, so he hires a multi-ethnic law firm to defend him. This sparks a 90-minute debate about race and power. It’s written by David Mamet, so expect a demanding attitude and rough language.


THE PRODUCTION: While this cast succeeds on basic levels, it lacks the assured, powerful delivery that drives Mamet’s words home. Under Bill Patton’s direction, the pacing is taught and the dialogue often overlaps, but it wasn’t always clear whether that was intentional or missteps. Billy Christopher Maupin is most assured, but lacks the necessary imposing force. d.l. Hopkins handles some of the comic delivery well, but seemed tentative and fidgety. Neither was convincing  as high-powered attorneys. Katrinah Carol Lewis held her own and Joe Inscoe provided acceptable support. The set by David A. Ballas provides a slick, attractive environment.


THE POINT: While the show is competent, it lacks the confidence and power to drive home Mamet’s intensity.


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