My Name is Rachel Corrie (review)

My Name is Rachel Corrie (review)
My Name is Rachel Corrie (review)
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THE PLAY: This one-woman show is taken from the diaries and emails the titular character. The first act introduces her idealistic youth, while Act Two takes place in the Gaza Strip, where she worked as an activist.


THE PRODUCTION: Kaelie James brings a bright-eyed energy to her portrayal with a pleasant presence and assured skill. Her performance could have used some quieter moments, especially in the second act, which is dominated by one-note urgency. This could partly be the fault of director Heather Falks, who has staged things with variety, but didn’t manage to corral the first act’s rambling monologue into a cohesive narrative. The uncredited set is basically a mess on the floor with a backdrop of projected photos, some of which are blurry. Even more distracting is the continual glare of the rear projector’s light. Running time: 1:50


THE POINT: Although Kaelie James brings considerable skills to her portrayal, this play’s rambling account hinders the effectiveness of its dramatic political message.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At TheatreLAB thru 3/11


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