RADIO IQ programming

RADIO IQ programming
RADIO IQ programming
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Last week was an introduction to RADIO IQ, still a surprise to many Richmond radios (even though it’s been broadcasting for 2 years). This week is a look at some of their programming.


According to General Manager Glenn Gleixner, “One of the more popular programs that airs in the middle of the day is ‘The Dianne Rehm Show’. She is an outstanding talk show host. That is new to the Richmond area and it is doing very well.” This show and NPR shows like “Here and Now” will be increasingly important to make up for the end of NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation’.


One show of particular note is ‘Virginia Conservations’, a locally produced show with a familiar voice, May-Lily Lee. She previously hosted the ‘Virginia Currents’ show on WCVE for 20+ years. The show is devoted to timely topics that are of interest to the whole state. Recently an episode explored microbreweries across the Commonwealth, which exemplifies some of the lighter topics the show covers. The ability of listeners to call in and talk with guests adds to the interactive fun.

Dutchie Mirolli, news anchor & reporter

Dutchie Mirolli, news anchor & reporter


He is especially proud of what RADIO IQ news professionals like Sandy Hausman, Connie Stevens and Diane Mirolli have contributed to Virginia media with their reporting. Whether about political developments at the state Capital or ecology matters in the Chesapeake Bay, the information sharing is formidable. RADIO IQ has also invested a lot of resources in traffic and weather capabilities.




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  1. I support Conservation of Radio IQ and welcome M L-L and Virginia Conversations.

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