Rambo: Last Blood (review)

Rambo: Last Blood (review)
Rambo: Last Blood (review)
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Rambo is a cinematic icon, so Stallone had to go down fighting for this final installment. Instead of opposing an evil government conspiracy, he’s after a Mexican who kidnaps women to serve as whores. After suffering thru the inevitable purposeful dramatic moments, Rambo finally gets to set up an elaborate scheme of booby traps, which only makes sense because it gives him a high kill count. (Why didn’t he just blow up the tunnel and get them all at once?) The action isn’t especially original or inventive, but it does give Stallone a chance to be viciously bloody. LAST BLOOD is an anemic finale to the man and the films. The most interesting part of the movie was the montage of earlier Rambo movies.


1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)


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  1. It sounds like a nice promo for the 2020 Trump campaign. Makes calling all Latino’s rapists, drug dealers and murderers seem real. I’ve got one idea for a final FINAL Rambo sequel. I call it “Rambo: Blood Orange” where the convalescing Rambo uncovers a fly in his soup at the ‘Sunny Farms’ retirement home. In his quiet rage (that is confused by senility) he slowly uncovers a plot to ‘permanently’ sedate clients by ‘spiking’ the food so that they continue to collect on their Social Security checks. The villain is a fanatical evangelical who believes she is doing God’s work (Parker Posey). Rambo fasts and cleanses himself from the toxic ‘soup’ and wanders into the everglades, feasting on alligators, getting up his strength, eventually returning to an epic faceoff with his killer in her own kitchen. A real classic.

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