Rebuilding Paradise (review)

Rebuilding Paradise (review)
Rebuilding Paradise (review)
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This documentary’s first 5 minutes are one of the most harrowing sequences I’ve ever seen. It shows personal footage of people trapped by and trying to outrun the devastating Camp Fire in 2018 (the worst ever in California history). One of the towns most affected was Paradise. The next minutes detail the astounding devastation that left this area virtually decimated: 85 people killed, 50,000 residents displaced and 95% of local structures destroyed. As the title suggests, after setting up the extent of this tragedy, director Ron Howard sets about to show how they coped with the short-term effects and how they slowly made efforts to rebuild. It’s given a personal perspective by following the trails of several locals, including a firefighter, a former mayor, a school custodian and his family. Not only does this doc start with some of the most affecting moments in recent cinema, the stories of resilience that develop are truly touching. During our current health crisis, this subject might be hard to handle, but it’s positive message can give us all hope for the future.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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