Renoir (Review)

Renoir (Review)
Renoir (Review)
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The painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent the last years of his life on a country estate painting and struggling with arthritis. His son Jean (who later became the famous filmmaker) comes home from war to find an alluring young model working for his father. In addition to endless shots at the easel (with her posing nude), we watch her affect both men. All of this happens at the pace of the countryside with lovely cinematography, but little else. If you enjoy ur biographies slow and subtle, this is for you.


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  1. I thought I would perish of terminal angst before this movie was done. If I never see another field waving grass or listen to more tree leaves rustling in the wind I will be at ease as this was dose enough.

  2. Now I REALLY understand the expression “watching paint dry.” The paint was Renoir’s!

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